Careers at MTC

Our Aboriginal Development Strategy

The MTC Australia Aboriginal Development Strategy is the primary planning and implementation document regarding the professional development of Aboriginal employees at MTC Australia.

As part of this ongoing commitment, MTC Australia will strive to build a progressive learning environment that is genuinely inclusive of Aboriginal people. This will be done through the following:

  • Ongoing collaboration with Aboriginal people to develop and implement professional programs/courses that recognise Aboriginal people, knowledge and experiences.
  • Increasing the representation of Aboriginal employees at MTC Australia, through the active implementation of the Aboriginal Development Strategy.
  • Continuing to develop a supportive organisational culture which values and respects Aboriginal culture and accommodates cultural differences wherever possible within MTC Australia’s policies and practices. (Increase levels of cultural awareness and competency by building online/face to face training for all employees as part of our induction process)
  • Supporting activities and programs that foster communication and collaboration between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff and community members.
  • Establishing relationships with Aboriginal employees and community members based on the principles of self-determination, social justice, equal partnership, and equity.
  • Promoting across the broader community awareness and appreciation of Australia’s Aboriginal heritage, and the importance of protection and preservation of significant Aboriginal sites across the land.
  • Providing appropriate personal and professional development opportunities to equip Indigenous employees with the skills and confidence to work in the area of their choice.
  • Providing assistance to Indigenous employees to map their career pathways
  • Traineeships/Leadership program for Indigenous people/employees
  • Growing own talent by identifying existing employees to fill future vacancies (gain promotions), providing career development, training and acting opportunities.
MTC Australia’s Aboriginal Development Strategy demonstrates our continuing commitment to provide opportunities for Aboriginal people in the employment sector.