Give Back

Give Back

Each year, MTC Australia assists over 25,000 people to reach their goal of employment or further education. Through our range of services, we offer assistance to those wanting to make a positive change in their lives; enabling disadvantaged Australian’s to become selfsufficient and less reliant on government support. As a social enterprise, we generate an annual surplus, which is then reinvested back into the community through various social impact initiatives.

Giving back to the community is about empowering people with opportunities in employment or education, ultimately giving them the confidence to achieve their goals and make a positive contribution to the community.

A selection of our social impact programs can be seen below. For a more extensive list of these programs, please click on the following link:


MTC Australia’s focus is to continue to develop new programs that provide opportunity and support to disadvantaged young people in the community. To do this, we are looking for corporate and community organisations who would like to partner with us to create a better future for disadvantaged Australians.