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Work Experience

What is Work Experience?

Work experience is a planned, structured learning experience that takes place in a workplace for a limited period of time. It is designed to enable job seekers to gain exposure to the working world and its requirements.
It can provide practical ways to connect with the community, provide career exploration and skill development and demonstrate your abilities to potential employers.

Key features of MTC Australia’s Work Experience program:

  • Upfront communication of “high expectations and support” for participants
  • Upfront commitment and understanding from employers
  • Eliminate the stereotype – this is not a free labour program
  • Worksites are required to complete a detailed training plan for each requested position
  • Effective worksite supervisory manual, training and manual
  • Thorough onsite weekly/biweekly worksite monitoring
  • Monitoring ensures that the worksite is a safe environment and program requirements/standards are met 
  • Training plan reviewed/finalised
  • Brief overview of the work experience program occurs with worksite supervisor
  • Required paperwork is provided
  • Worksite Supervisor Manual
  • Worksite Agreement
  • Employers make candidate selections 
  • Job seekers exposed to real world experiences

‚ÄčThe employers’ role for Work Experience:

  • Working in a joint partnership with MTC Australia
  • Providing a mentoring program for participants
  • Treat participants as regular employees
  • Having open lines of communication with the MTC Worksite Monitor
  • Timesheet completion and tracking
  • Involvement in ongoing worksite monitoring 
  • Consider participants for any vacant positions

Employability skills focus for participants:

  • Employability skills training is a mandatory requirement
  • Customized training based on employers’ needs
  • Soft skills include:  interviewing techniques, resume writing
  • Work Readiness skills