Warakirri College

Higher School Certificate

Unlike traditional schools, Warakirri College offers a compressed curriculum for the HSC. This means that in the first year after Year 10, students study both the Preliminary and HSC courses of 3 subjects, starting in November or January and sit the HSC Examination in those 3 subjects the following October. If a student wants to complete the HSC or receive an ATAR then they will study another year and complete 3 more subjects. This Pathways approach allows students to leave after 1 year and recommence the HSC any time within the next 4 years.

HSC Subjects include:

  • Standard and Advanced English
  • General Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Ancient History
  • Geography
  • VET courses

and other subjects as requested by the students from time to time.

All students benefit from access to the MTC support network and Community organisations which provide advice on getting jobs, entering TAFE or further education, health and welfare issues and Living Skills.