Warakirri College

Our Learning Environment

Set in a pleasant office style environment, Warakirri College has six general purpose classrooms, a science laboratory, a library, a multi-media room and a computer room. Student facilities include a number of informal break-out areas, a games area and a well-equipped kitchen for students. The College also provides food for breakfast and lunch.

As an adult learning environment, we believe that it is the students' responsibility to communicate their learning needs and the teachers’ responsibility to respond to those needs. Teachers recognise that students have different learning styles and that many students have gaps in their earlier schooling. Teachers work with students to help them achieve their learning outcomes.

Warakirri students do not wear a uniform, most go to the Fairfield shops for morning tea or lunch. Students enjoy mixed age classes and being on a first name basis with their teachers. Classes run from 9am - 3pm from Monday to Friday during school terms.