Employment Services

Job Seekers

We support job seekers like you in finding a suitable career, offering advice on the best job search methods, helping you with your resume, and enhancing your job interview techniques.

To develop your skills further, we also provide both on and off-site training, and even the opportunity to participate in work experience and gain valuable industry experience.
There are two ways you can register to receive free help from MTC Australia:
  1. Visit your local Centrelink office. Centrelink can assess your situation and work out what services you are eligible for. They can also make your first appointment with us.
  2. You may also be able to register directly with us. This option is only available to job seekers under certain circumstances. If you’re unsure whether you can register directly with us without visiting Centrelink first, call the jobactive Employment Services Information Line on 13 62 68.
Once Centrelink has assessed your situation and determined your eligibility for assistance, you will be placed in a ‘stream’. We can then tailor the support you receive so it’s appropriate to your circumstances and needs.