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Job Seeking Tips

We’ve put together a checklist of action points designed to help you secure that dream job!

First steps

Update your resume with any new jobs or skills, and remember to include voluntary work or short-term projects

Network with friends, family and past work colleagues to locate new job opportunities

Search online on sites like Seek, Australian Job Search and My Career and set up alerts for a particular field, so any new updates will come straight to your inbox

Contact companies you’d like to work for. Not all companies will advertise online and may be impressed thatyou’ve taken the initiative and approached them

Stay positive even if you have a few knock-backs, remember to keep a positive attitude and to keep trying!

Interview Tips

Prepare well – understand the role and learn about the company.

Check your resume – make sure it’s truthful, accurate and up-to-date.

First impressions count– present yourself professionally, even if the job wouldn’t require you to dress as smartly each day. Always be on time for the interview.

Second-guess – the interviewer may ask why you’ve applied, for examples of difficult situations you’ve experienced, or enquire about your strengths and weaknesses and your career aspirations. Take a moment to think about your answers in advance.