Pre-Release Employment Prisoner Program

Pre-Release Employment Prisoner Program

The MTC Australia Pre-Release Employment Prisoner Program aims to encourage corrective behaviour amongst  Inmates located in Work Release Centre’s in NSW prisons by allowing inmates with less than one year left of their sentence to participate in meaningful employment.

The program allows Inmates to begin establishing financial independence in preparation for their release by providing inmates with the opportunity to earn a wage.

The initiative aims to prevent reoffending by assisting in the assimilation of Inmates into society and supplements the rehabilitative nature of the facility.

MTC Australia staff assess the employment history and qualifications of inmates, and works in Partnership with Corrective Services to place them into suitable positions. In order to qualify, inmates must meet strict behavioural requirements and are carefully monitored to ensure compliance.

The statistics are impressive, with hundreds of Inmates participating in the last five years of the programs operation. This program is a great example of how MTC Australia is working in the community to empower people to reach their full potential.

The Work Release Program is delivered in partnership with Corrective Services NSW and the Department of Employment.