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12 Productive Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to increase your speed and productivity on a computer at work. They offer a simplified way of performing an action that would normally take longer if you were using a mouse. While many of these are at their most beneficial when word processing (Microsoft Word documents for example), they are universally used through the internet and many computer programs, with only very slight variation depending on if you use a Windows PC or an Apple computer. Here’s the top keyboard shortcuts and what they do.

To copy text, simply highlight the text or select the image you wish to copy, then press;

Ctrl + C (for Windows)

Command + C (for Apple)

To paste your copied text;

Ctrl + V (for Windows)

Command + V (for Apple)

Should you wish to cut text;

Ctrl + X (for Windows)

Command + X (for Apple)

To select all text (or all text + images) use the ‘select all’ shortcut;

Ctrl + A (for Windows)

Command + A (for Apple)

To undo an action;

Ctrl + Z (for Windows)

Command + Z (for Apple)

To redo an action;

Ctrl + Y (for Windows)

Command + Y (for Apple)

To save a document;

Ctrl + S (for Windows)

Command + S  (for Apple)

To open print options;

Ctrl + P (for Windows)

Command + P (for Apple)

To find something on a page or in your document;

Ctrl + F

Command + F

To bold or unbold text;

Ctrl + B

Command + B

To underline or remove underline from text;

Ctrl + U (for Windows)

Command + U (for Apple)

To delete a whole word at a time;

Ctrl + backspace (for Windows)

Alt (option) + delete (backspace) (for Apple)

To switch between programs/apps/software on your computer, use;

Alt + TAB (for Windows)

Command + ~ (for Apple)

To cycle through separate windows of the same program (like browser windows)

Alt + TAB (for Windows)

Command + Tab (for Apple)

To cycle through internet browser tabs;

Ctrl + TAB (for Windows)

Control + TAB (for Apple)

Learning the right skills to gain employment

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