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4 Reasons to Return to the Workforce

If you’ve been unemployed for a long period of time, perhaps due to redundancy, maternity leave, extended travel, or any other of the wide variety of reasons, you may be considering returning to the work force. For many, this exercise can be a daunting one, for others it’s an opportunity to change career paths and try something new. At MTC Australia, we help thousands of Australians return to the workforce each year, and if you’re looking or thinking about doing the same, we have some great reasons to encourage you.

Learn new skills

Easily one of the most enticing reasons to return to the workforce is the ability to try something new and experience and learn new skills. Returning to the workforce doesn’t necessarily need to be about continuing the profession you used to, unless you want it to of course, and depending on your financial needs, there are many entry level or mid level positions that may be applicable to your transferrable skills. Perhaps you were previously in marketing, but you love flowers? Well then there would be florist owners that are interested in sales and marketing experience, we’re sure. With the ever-increasing reliance on computer literacy and technology in general, many of these skills that are available to learn now may not have existed during your previous employment. This not only has professional benefits, but personal ones as well as many technology related skills can be used in your private life.

Meet new people

Long absences from work can often lead to a breakdown of relationships with former colleagues, and while it’s not always intended, it can be lonely to now communicate with others on a regular basis. Something as simple as getting coffee together can be missed greatly. Returning to the workforce enables you to create new friendships with new colleagues. Depending on the job, this can lead to friendships with people from a wide range of ages and cultures which can be intensely rewarding.

Have a purpose

Many people have informed us that a lack of unemployment leads to a feeling of no or low purpose. If you believe that this is a feeling you’ve experienced, then getting back into the workforce is incredibly confidence building and rewarding. Just the simple task of being needed somewhere really helps to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Financial reward

While we’d prefer encouragement towards returning to work being a holistic endeavour, you can’t discuss it without the financial reward that’s entailed. Becoming financially independent, even if you have money saved from previous employment is gratifying, rewarding, and opens opportunities for you, like holidays, or future life planning. The amount is not necessarily the point, it’s more about having a steady income that can provide for both basic needs and extracurricular activities.

Get in touch and get back to work

MTC Australia offer a wide range of consultation and training for people wishing to return to the work force. From resume and interview skills, to language and computer literacy classes, and industry specific training certificates, we are equipped to help you make the most of the opportunities available. If you’re a registered job seeker, then simply choose MTC Australia as your jobactive provider then get in touch on 1300 BECOME (1300 232 663) to start your journey back to employment.