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5 Skills That Employers Look For

How do you get a job without experience, and experience without having a job?

This age old question can create a lot of hesitation when it comes to applying for work. Not having experience in that particular role doesn’t necessarily mean you have no skills for the job though. Many people forget to consider the transferable life experiences and skills that they possess, and that are actually the type of qualities employers look for in applicants.

Below are 5 everyday skills that can be included on your resume and will show why you could be the right person for the job, just for being you!


Have you had a conversation with someone before?

Arguably, communication is one of the most important workplace skills. If you have had a verbal conversation, spoken over the phone, or sent an email or text, you’ve had experience in communication. Employers often look for candidates with the ability to listen and participate in positive interactions with others.

Time Management

Have you had to be somewhere on time before?

The ability to keep an eye on the clock and avoid being late is highly important to employers. It not only highlights that you would be on time to work every day, but you also have the basic skill of managing your time to meet a deadline.

Often people write every day to do lists. This is another great skill organisations look for, and that can be expressed within a job application.

Willingness to Learn

Have you ever tried to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby?

Demonstrating to potential employers that you have a willingness to learn new skills is a great attribute as employers will identify that they can train you quickly, and to the standard of how they wish work to be completed.


Have you had to interact within a group situation before?

The majority of workplaces require you to work within a team environment. Therefore, the skill of getting along with people, including managing different personalities, nationalities, and ages will be highly regarded.

Sporting teams, for example, are one of the best experiences of this. It shows you have teamwork skills and are aware of how important it is to work together in order to achieve success.


Have you ever had to change plans last minute?

Being flexible is a fantastic basic skill that is necessary in almost every working environment. Employers look for candidates that can adapt to changing situations.

Use your skills

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