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Author: Jules Bayliss

DESE praises MTC’s innovative approach

MTC hosted guests from the Department of Education, Skills, and Employment, including the First Assistant Secretary, who visited us for a presentation on our innovative service delivery.

MTC joins forces with MWA

MTC recently joined forces with Muslim Women Australia to bring our SEE program to their clients who needed some help improving their skills to find a job.

How to stay positive during your job search

When you’re searching for a job, it can be hard to stay positive, especially if you’ve been rejected a few times. But a positive attitude can help you stay motivated and it’s an attractive quality to potential employers.

Success Story: Thanks, MTC!

At MTC Australia we love hearing from our previous customers who have succeeded in finding employment. Fiona, one of our CTA customers, recently let us know how she was doing.

How to improve your communication skills

It’s common for a job ad to say that they’re looking for someone with good communication skills. But what does that mean and how do you improve your communication skills?

International Women’s Day 2022

On International Women's Day 2022, we had a chat with some of our remarkable leaders to see what the day means to them and how they're dedicated to breaking the bias.

Success Story: A dedicated mum

Supawan is a single mother with a young child who came to MTC after being unemployed for two and a half years so she could provide for her child.

Success Story: A new start

Lamiye first arrived in Australia several years ago but struggled to find a job as she had never worked before. She developed her English skills at MTC which helped her get a job she loves!