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Author: Ben Corlett

How Jinmei improved her English and found a job

Jinmei had previously been a nurse at a mental health hospital in China for over 20 years before coming to Australia during 2016. Jinmei felt her English was the major factor letting her down in job seeking so she enrolled within a collaborative program between MTC, SkillME, BCA National, and CASS (Chinese Australian Services Society) CARE.

How David enrolled in computer literacy classes and found a job

David came to MTC following a series of life changes, which included being unemployed for a period of two years. David was an ex-jockey who had a passion for keeping fit, therefore his trainer acknowledged he would be more suited to physical type work that would bring more career enjoyment. David also had previous experience and a license in forklift driving.

12 Productive Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to increase your speed and productivity on a computer. They offer a simplified way of performing an action that would normally take longer if you were using a mouse. While many of these are at their most beneficial when word processing, they are used through the internet and many computer...

Resume Do’s & Dont’s

Crafting a resume is an important part of your job search. A resume should be a succinct introduction to you and your known skills and experience. It is sent with job applications to give the employer an idea of … Continued

Tips for a Successful Interview

The interview process is an important element of your job search. It provides the opportunity for an employer to measure your suitability to a role, and for the candidate to learn more about the company and the role they’re applying … Continued

Best Free Online Tools to Help Your Typing Skills

The accuracy and speed of your typing is an excellent and desirable skill that employers look for.

While many people have done basic typing at school, or simply typed a lot in everyday life, producing documents and emails with accuracy … Continued