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Best Free Online Tools to Help Your Typing Skills

Increasing the accuracy and speed of your typing is an excellent and desirable skill that employers look for. While many have done basic typing at school, or just simply used typing alot in everyday life, producing documents and emails with accuracy and correct grammar in a timely manner is a little bit more of a challenge. Luckily, there are some fantastic online tools that offer lessons to improve your typing skills.

Typing Club

Typing Club offers a well designed, easy to understand set of classes that start with focussing on proper hand placement on the keyboard then increase dexterity. Class are relatively short and rewarding, leading to a video game feel that allows you to pass many short term goals and notice real results quite quickly. At the end of every class, you’re ranked with a WPM (words per minute) and an accuracy percentage. Your goal should be to have both a high accuracy and decent words per minute. Once you’re confident and getting consistent results, these numbers are something that you can proudly place on your resume.


Typing.com is quite similar to Typing Club and utilises the same classes based approach. Typing.com introduces the use of other keys like the spacebar and shift key earlier in the classes than Typing Club, but uses the same interactive display and rewarding system, with short classes and accuracy and words per minute achievements at the end of every class. Typing.com is also focussed on touch typing (typing without looking at the keyboard), so the classes often engage you with moving images to keep your eyes on the screen and away from the keyboard. They also offer beginner, intermediate and expert classes, along with a practice mode.


Kebr.com is more advanced that the other two, so we would recommend attempting this one after you’ve tried Typing Club and Typing.com. Kebr.com foccuses on touch typing, but instead of starting with the basics of hand placement, it uses combinations of particular letters to randomly generate a series of words for you to type. These sentences change quickly and the words won’t always be actual words, so you’re forced to properly read what your typing and to keep your eyes on the screen to better your hand-eye coordination. Just like the others, your accuracy and words per minute will be rated, but it will also display problem areas by letter. For example, you could have an issue with words that use the combination of the letters S and T, therefore you can practice more of these words and cleverly work through any weaknesses.

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