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Tips on How to De-Stress After Studying

Studying has the tendency to literally make you feel like your brain has run a marathon, and sometimes leaves you feeling not only mentally but physically exhausted. We have all been victims to the stress that study can create at one point in time, and it’s really important to never let the stress win.

Taking the time to destress after studying has the power to refresh your brain and help you to relax which will allow you to not dread your next study session or fall into the trap of worrying.

To help you relax and rejuvenate, here are some of the best tips and techniques on how to destress.

Reward yourself

After taking the time to sit down and study, you will without a doubt deserve to take the time to reward yourself! Find something that really relaxes you or that you enjoy whether it’s going for a run, taking yourself for ice cream, having a bath, or settling down for some Netflix and allow yourself to enjoy that time stress free.

Remember that everyone has different ways of relaxing. Some of us find happiness is yoga but not everyone can turn themselves into a human pretzel (some of us prefer to just eat pretzels instead). You need to do what is best suited to you.

Knowing you have a well-deserved reward coming your way will also make studying that little bit easier. Knowing there’s a light at the end of the tunnel will mean you’ll most likely study that little bit harder and be more organised than usual as an added bonus!

Put those notes away!

One of the best destressing techniques is to resist the urge to feel like you need to pick up your notes again that day or keep trying to remember what you had just studied. Once you’ve studied to your brain and hearts content (aka when there’s no possible way anymore new information will fit) it’s best to just close your books, pack them away, and don’t think about it until at least the next day. Doing so, you’ll most likely find that you remember more and you’ll feel well rested to tackle the next study sesh without the distraction of wishing you were doing something else.


Stay positive

Studying can build you up when you’re on a roll and feeling like you are really getting it, but then just as easily it can tear you back down with confusion, information overload, and stress.

A crucial destressing tip is to stay positive in the times that the books bring you down, always remember that just because you didn’t quite get it today doesn’t mean that you won’t get it tomorrow. Keeping a positive attitude towards your abilities, and letting yourself relax is the only way your mind will truly be at ease.

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