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Building healthy homes and communities through women’s health and wellness workshops

In collaboration with Liverpool Women’s Health Centre, we covered a range of Womens’ health and wellbeing workshops this month at our Liverpool SEE Center.

September has been all about Women’s health and wellbeing, something we truly care about at MTC, as an organisation that focuses on community development. And every community is as strong as its women, who are the heart of the home.

Spread over the past seven weeks, we highlighted the importance of Women’s Health by conducting one-day workshops every Monday at our Liverpool centre, in collaboration with the Liverpool Women’s Health Centre.

Through these workshops, we aim to educate and enable a healthy and wholesome lifestyle amongst our female SEE students.

So, we invited Yasmin Mohamed, who is the Health Promotion, Education & Access Worker for the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) at the Liverpool Women’s Health Centre to conduct these workshops. And she was kind enough to facilitate the sessions in English as well as Arabic for the convenience of our Arabic students who are yet to perfect their language skills through our SEE program.

Tahani and Yasmin

These workshops ranged from classroom lessons with cooking classes to excursions to the library, museum and park. They focused on specific topics from food habit changes to physical exercise to mindfulness factors.

“Healthy eating is the cornerstone of good health, true, but there are many other aspects to ensuring day to day well being,” says Tahani Husari, SEE trainer who was involved in organising the sessions. “Through these workshops, we delved deeper in key topics for ladies who have the task of caring for the health of their families.”

“Even little changes in habit can make a big difference,” adds Yasmin, who explains how women can improve their own health as well as that of their family. “This could be as small as using alternatives to unhealthy foods and snacks, such as choosing healthier oils such as olive oil instead of canola oil or sunflower oil. By understanding the kind of nutrients and their quantity found in foods such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, etc. and reading the nutrition labels on pre-packaged food available in supermarkets, women can chart out balanced diets for the family.”

Cooking class

Jacqueline Druart, SEE Centre Manager at MTC Liverpool, discusses why it’s important to empower women: “Often, women tend to neglect their own health. We’re all so busy taking care of our families, multi-tasking and doing hundred things at once, there’s hardly any room for self-care.”

But she explains that it is the little things that make the biggest difference to women’s health.

One of the sessions was about Breast Cancer prevention and how women can check themselves at home to spot any health concerns early on. These sessions explained the importance of women knowing their body type, their health history and what exercises they need and how they can do some of them right at home.

Yoga session

A few mindfulness and recreation sessions were also carried out outside the classroom as well. Students were able to tour the Carnes Hill library tour and attend a Yoga class at your local council recreation centre.

In another workshop, they were encouraged to learn how to plant trees and shrubs at Joshua Moore Park using water crystals to save water and create a cleaner, sustainable environment.

“Skills For Education and Employment Program (SEE) is more than just classroom learning,” Jacqueline describes how the SEE program helps our students with more than just English language and computer literacy skills. “Our students learn more from each other and gain strength from each other’s experiences, and out of classroom learning exercises has always helped them bond better. We help them gain the confidence to be their best selves every day.”

Language need not be an obstacle to leading the life you desire. You can explore our Skills For Education and Employment Program (SEE) which is designed to help students improve their English language and digital literacy skills in a friendly, inclusive environment.

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