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Elijah comes out of his shell

Elijah is a young 20-year-old Australian native speaker who came to MTC for his pre-training assessment accompanied by his mother. His mother looked very concerned and wanted to give the assessor some background information about him. On being requested to sit down, he pulled his chair towards the window and looked out without making any eye contact, however, he did nod to show the assessor that he was listening to what was being said.

His mum explained his background of social phobia anxiety and shared his medical history. She mentioned that her last resort was to try MTC and hope that it would make a difference. Elijah was hesitant to speak with the assessor but as the assessment continued, he slowly began to relax and actually smile even though he made no eye contact and had his back to the assessor. He completed the assessment and promised to give the course a try. This was a beginning to a new start for Elijah.

He started the SEE Program in Jan 2019 and was withdrawn in August 2019 due to an employment outcome. Recognising his individual training needs, his trainer focused on communication-building exercises and provided him adequate one-on-one support. Over time, his hesitation and reluctance diminished, and he felt more comfortable in a classroom environment. The trainer involved him in pair work and group work activities to engage him in social interactions, which in turn helped him to build a rapport with his fellow classmates. The topics covered in class such as resume writing, writing cover letters, online job searching and applying, and interview skills helped him to build up his confidence and self-esteem.

From a shy timid boy to a young man beaming with confidence, Elijah’s journey through the SEE program is truly an inspiring and heart-warming story. As a recent high school graduate looking to develop and equip himself with strong literacy and technological skills as well as boost his confidence and self-esteem, Elijah saw the SEE program as an opportunity to facilitate personal growth. Elijah’s reservations and initial inability to actively engage with his peers didn’t stop him from reaching his full potential as he consistently worked towards building his communication skills, taking him from averted eyes and awkward glances to cheerful morning greetings and social interactions. Elijah wouldn’t have been able to achieve such astounding progress without the constant support, guidance and positive encouragement provided by his trainer who recognised his potential and worked alongside him to engage him in the learning process.

It would be no exaggeration to say that the time Elijah has spent in this program has been a life-changing experience for him as it has opened so many doors of opportunities in his life, propelling him into a bright and promising future. Currently, Elijah is employed as a warehouse assistant at Packing Solutions – Disability Services in Seven Hills, which is a company that supports around 2,500 individuals with disability. He is tasked with providing packing services and assembly solutions to local and international businesses, providing him an opportunity to further develop and strengthen the many skills he has acquired.

The Skills for Education and Employment Program is designed to assist those like Elijah, who are seeking employment and hope to improve their English communications skills (both verbal and written), computer skills and overall character traits that correlate with the needs and requirements of the workplace. Elijah’s story, telling of his dramatic evolution into a strong, independent young man just goes to show the sheer power education has in changing one’s life.

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