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How to Build Confidence and Social Skills

Hanging out with your friends and family can be pretty easy, you know them well and in return they know you and what you’re like in social settings. Talking to people over text or Facebook can also be pretty easy as you can take as long as you like to reply or even choose if you reply at all.

But as soon as new people come into the mix, or you’re around larger groups of strangers it can be really hard to find the confidence to build relationships and interact with so many different people.

If you find engaging with others sometimes daunting or want to work on your social skills beyond the online constraints, here are some tips to boost your confidence!

Observe Others

One of the best ways to pick up successful social skills is to watch others. Next time you’re in a social situation take mental notes on how people interact and the types of questions and reactions they implement within their conversations. It’s good to also note the types of positive body language that engages people, as positive people are often really confident.

Next time you’re in need of some social skills think back to your mental notes, which could help with asking more open ended questions that encourage others to talk so you aren’t left to make all the idle chit chat.

Practice Makes Perfect

Social skills and confidence in social settings doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and that’s completely okay! We can’t all be the life of the party. One of the best confidence tips is to put yourself out there to meet new people and have even just a simple conversation with them as this can develop your ability to ask questions and make a connection.

The more you get used to talking to new people the easier it will become and the more self-confidence you build. You might actually find that you start to feel enjoyment rather than fear in larger and more diverse situations.

Reading supportive stories can also assist in enhancing your confidence. Improve your Social Skills Blog is worth a read as it is a great guide filled with tips to enhance your confidence and become more comfortable interacting in social situations.

Take a Risk

If you’re really committed to improving your confidence and social skills, why not take a risk! This will mean something different to everyone, as everyone is at a different stage in developing their skills.

Join Links to Learning

MTC Australia’s Links to Learning program utilises mentoring to encourage personality exploration, confidence building, and social skills to transfer into real life settings.

Links to Learning can involve you within fun activities that provide learning opportunities, improve education, and assist with employment and life skills. You’ll also be provided with the chance to engage with others on your own terms and take all the steps you need to become more confident, take your own risks, and put your social skills into practice!

For someone a risk might be a small step such as saying good morning to the person they stand next at the bus stop every morning. For someone else, a risk could mean inviting a few people out for a coffee to work on interacting with more than one person at once, and finding confidence to speak amongst a group.