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International Women’s Day: Kate Mitrevski

Kate Mitrevski, Regional Coordinator
Smart, Skilled and Hired program

To celebrate International Woman’s Day 2018 we asked Kate Mitrevski about her career path and what advice she has for young women in the workforce. Kate is fairly new to the MTC family, having joined us in July 2017 as a Youth Employment Coach in the Smart, Skilled and Hired program. She has very recently been promoted to Regional Coordinator.

“I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life, career-wise. As a teenager and into my twenties I suffered from anxiety, which meant I went through periods of not working or constantly changing jobs. Thanks to this I’ve had experience in a few different careers – I’ve been a courier, a concierge and an admin officer, and also worked in security. It was a quest to find out what I truly wanted to do and commit to it long term!

In 2016 I was given the opportunity to coach young refugees through Football United. I finally found the path and passion I was searching for – working with youth and helping them better their lives. I can now look back on my own experiences and really understand what young people need.

Reflecting on gender equality, we’ve come a long way but still have a long way to go. As a former soccer player, I was always frustrated to see women put on the back foot, even though they trained and played just as hard as their male counterparts.

To be a woman in sport required a lot of sacrifice and little-to-no reward, except for playing the game you love – which was always the feeble answer given if you stood up for yourself and asked for more! Recently the Matildas took a very big stand and asked for equal pay. This is trickling down through the footballing chain and I’m seeing how things are slowly but surely changing. Women playing in NSW Premier League competitions now treat football as a casual or part time job, and can now aspire to make it a full time career as a professional.

It’s because of movements like International Women’s Day and women taking a stand (#metoo) that we’ll be able to build a fair, equal and safe environment for future generations.”

Q&A with Kate 

What do you do at MTC Australia?

I help young people find suitable and sustainable employment, firstly helping them address and overcome any barriers they might face – such as mental health or transport issues. I work with schools, community organisations and employment networks to help young people achieve their goals.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job?

I’ve met many young people from all walks of life who face big challenges. I help them set a goal, show them how to achieve it, then keep them motivated to reach it. Seeing my clients go through a journey of self-improvement and start believing in themselves is very rewarding. The bulk of my clients are female and I pride myself on being a strong role model they can look up to. When I see them starting to make the right choices in their lives without my help – well, that’s the best part of my job!

What does the theme of International Women’s Day 2018 mean to you?

I believe Press for Progress is a call to action for women from all corners of the globe, and all walks of life, to unify and move forward together towards equality.

What advice do you have for young women entering the workforce?

Be positive, resilient, and proactive and if you’re unsure of something ask for help. If you feel you are being taken advantage of or feel threatened, speak up. Someone will always listen.


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