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Meet Our People: Blagica Petreska

In this edition of ‘Meet Our People’, we get to know Blagica Petreska, an Instructional Designer from our Curriculum team!

Where did you work prior to MTC?

I was an Academic Coordinator at an ELICOS College before I joined MTC.

What made you want to come and work at MTC?

A few years ago, I was a volunteer as a SEE Trainer at MTC in Liverpool. The way I was welcomed by the site manager, Jacquie, was an exceptional experience. Everyone was so friendly, they made me feel at home and part of the team. Some interesting and timeless friendships developed from there. The life stories of the SEE clients really inspired me. I was amazed by their diligence and strength in building a new life for themselves and their families. When the time was right for me to move on, I applied for a position and here I am at MTC.

What are you responsible for in your role at MTC?

I am an Instructional Designer. My job is fun! Along with the other extremely creative minds on the team, we are challenged to develop new and improved educational products that would drive success, as well as, satisfaction for our clients at MTC. Being part of the Curriculum team is a most challenging and at the same time very rewarding experience.

Tell us a bit about your life outside of work.

My life outside work is fun, too! I’m a mother of two inquisitive children. They have a bucket list to keep me busy in my free time! So, in the afternoons I am either at dancing classes or karate training. Weekends are reserved for family, friends and nature trips. Mt Tomah is our favourite hideaway.

What are you doing to pass the time in quarantine?

The first moments of quarantine were quite stressful and extremely busy for us at Curriculum. We had to come up with fast and effective solutions to implement our online training programs. I didn’t have much time for anything else. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve felt more comfortable with our new reality, so I have some time to cook for my family, which I enjoy greatly, and in the evenings I’m quite busy helping my children with their schoolwork.

Are there any TV shows or books that you’ve seen during quarantine that you’d recommend?

Yes, that’s what helped me cope with this whirlwind we found ourselves in. I’m an early riser and I usually spend the first hour reading. Two books that I read and loved are The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer and Presence by Amy Cuddy. Both interesting read for lovers of modern psychology. As for TV Shows, I’ve just started watching ‘Restaurants on the Edge’. It’s a Netflix series about food and design experts that travel the world to revive failing restaurants by connecting to the local culture and creating authentic brands. Something different from our daily lives, explores different cultures and provides inspiration to rebrand and rebuild businesses from failure.