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MTC and Australian Retailers Association (ARA) Retail Institute have signed MOU

MTC Australia and Australian Retailers Association (ARA) Retail Institute have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide jobseekers with a “pathway to retail employment” by combining Certificate II in Retail training, work experience and the Skills for Education and Employment program (SEE) program.
MTC Australia SEE program will focus on the delivery of Retail workplace Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills and the ARA Retail institute will deliver Vocational qualifications in Certificate II in Retail Operation. The program will provide students with training, work placement and employment pathway into Australia’s second largest employing industry, with more than 1.2 million workers, or around one in nine working Australians.

The first of these programs will commence in Rockdale in NSW and other programs are planned for NSW and Victorian locations, we believe this collaboration will provide a pathway to employment as we are providing students with the skills that Retail employer need.

Mr Garry Terrill, Director – Retail Institute said that “We believe the signing of the MOU between Australian Retailers Association, Retail Institute and MTC Australia will provide a sound foundation for building a range of training and employment opportunities for disadvantaged job seekers within the Retail sector with joint programs planned for NSW and Victoria.”
“Employment is projected to increase more strongly over the five years to November 2020 with large numbers of new jobs in Clothing, Footwear and Personal Accessory Retailing, Supermarket and Grocery Stores and Pharmaceutical and other Store-Based Retailing. Almost half of all employment is part-time. This makes the industry a good entry point to the labour market, including for those who would like to combine work and study or work and carer responsibilities”.

Mr Peter Price said “we look forward to implementing a number of joint programs that include the important Language Literacy and Numeracy offered under the Skills for Education and Employment program (SEE) and the Retail Vocational training being delivered by ARA Retail institute.
“Continual development of language, literacy and numeracy skills is vital for everybody, This means we all have to keep developing our LLN skills to adapt or even survive in that ever-changing world of work.”

Mr Jihad Youssef – Employment Services Business Development Manager ARA Retail Institute said that “the joint program with MTC Australia will prepare job seekers for employment in the retail sector, We are offering the Retail “ReadyJobs Program” that provides a combination of knowledge based training and practical work placement this approach provides a balance to the skill development required by a job seeker. An extensive network of national retailers supports the job placement phase.”

Mr Dennis Owen Business Development Manager MTC Australia said “the joint program is about understanding Employer and industry skill needs and aligning our SEE program training to meet the needs of the Retail sector. It’s helpful to understand where the jobs are and what employers look for when recruiting. The labour market is, however, complex and many factors influence job prospects. A positive attitude, a willingness to learn and participating in entry-level jobs and participating in work placement to gain experience and work skills, can all help.