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Yoanaluk’s Experience with SEE

Our Campbelltown SEE team were chuffed to receive a heartwarming letter from former student ‘Lucky’ recently. Take a look below:

“The first time when I came to MTC Campbelltown, I felt very excited because I first saw teacher Alison Robertson and many friends in the class. We laughed a lot when some friends had done something wrong or talked funny. After that we had second teacher was Simone, she taught us very well too. That time we played ping-pong and danced, we still had fun, sometimes teacher Noreen came to teach and help us too.

“After that third teacher, Bal came to teach us. She’s very funny, we learned more about computer, Word, data and now a bit of Excel. Since I studied one year, it made me so proud to learn about reading, writing, listening, computer data, Word and Excel. I had become comfortable and gained more experience with the learning around me. I could talk to everyone, and never felt shy or scared, like before.

“I don’t know how I explain but when I saw all teachers, they were the best of best. They tried to do best way for students to understand. I tried to learn everything from them and friends to open eyes and ears, different cultures all of my life. I would like to say thank you to ‘Australia Government, Services Australia and MTC Campbelltown’. It was ‘My Wonderful Life and Happy Time’ in my memory forever.” I will always remember the song ‘What a Wonderful World’ that we have been playing in class, to keep us going.”