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Success Story: A dedicated mum

Supawan is a single mother with a young child who came to MTC after being unemployed for two and a half years. Supawan was devastated at her circumstance and was determined to find a job so she could provide for her child, but her living situation made it difficult to commute to work and she was struggling with a language barrier and a lack of technological skills.

Supawan’s case manager referred her to MTC’s Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program, where Supawan began improving her English and digital skills. Supawan thrived in our SEE program, quickly improving her language and digital skills, which helped her to improve her confidence and feel assured in a future where she would find a sustainable job and career.

As Supawan improved her skills, she has the consistent support and assistance of her case manager, Roy, who helped her with her resume writing and interview skills. Supawan’s recruitment coach also worked with Supawan to set up job interviews and further improve her confidence.

To ensure that she was able to put her best foot forward, MTC assisted Supawan financially with obtaining her Working with Children Check and work clothing.

Soon, with the help of her team, Supawan found a job with ISS Facility Services who were understanding of her circumstances and happy to accommodate her need to pick up and drop off her child from school.

Supawan is still with ISS Facility and we are thrilled for her success!