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Success Story: Wai Ting Wong

Wai Ying Wong entered MTC’s Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program as she was looking to improve her English skills. Wai Ying moved to Australia in 1987 from Hong Kong, however, her workplace didn’t require her to speak English, and she had no method or motivation to learn how to speak English.

Once she was in the SEE program, Wai Ying flourished, and her trainer was astounded by the effort she put in! She put the effort into studying and practicing her skills outside of class and improved immensely, going above and beyond what her trainer recommended.

Upon her trainer’s advice, Wai Ying started reading books in English while still in the SEE program, both for entertainment and inspiration as well as to improve her English structure. And the effort really paid off!

“She was a positive, cheerful, respectful and hardworking student in my class,” Wai Ying’s trainer said. “She was a good role model to her classmates.”

On her final day in the SEE program, Wai Ying gave an inspiring speech to her classmates, demonstrating how much she had learned during her time with MTC and was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for the Greatest Improvement.

We are very proud of Wai Ying’s progress and know that she will excel in whatever she wants to do in the future!