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How Thi overcame language difficulties and found a job

MTC first met Thi as a long-term unemployed client who didn’t understand any English and couldn’t communicate. Luckily, one of the staff members at MTC spoke Vietnamese and could communicate with Thi. The staff member discovered that she wished to work, however her poor English prohibited her from doing this and she seemed very unhappy.

Thi was also suffering from a mental condition, so her consultant organised a social worker and doctor who were able to help her. Thi was given consistent assistance and also a medical certificate that outlined she would only be able to work part time. As Thi began to feel more comfortable with her consultant, she shared that she has nail technician skills and wanted to work in a particular salon near where she lived.

MTC contacted the salon and arranged Thi an interview which she passed with flying colours and was able to negotiate working hours that were part time. Staff within the salon also spoke Vietnamese therefore she was able to overcome the barrier that was keeping her from employment. December marks 6 months of sustained employment for Thi, congratulations!