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Thread Together Wardrobe

To succeed in seeking employment and especially within interviews there comes a time where the old scuffed shoes need to put back into the depths of the wardrobe along with the faded grey jeans that were black once upon a time. MTC Australia have recently decided to become fashion forward and produce a program that helps clients dress the part.

Thread Together is Australia’s first clothing rescue charity that installs permanent free clothing boutiques for Sydney’s disadvantaged community. Thread Together is supported by some of Australia’s largest clothing retailers such as Glue, YD, Running Bare, Crossroads, Tarocash, and many more in order to create positive social change. “The wardrobes have been set up to provide people in need with free, new clothing, helping to restore their dignity, inspire confidence, and lift their spirits” Said Founding Director, Andie Halas.

Greg Fisher, General Manager of Thread Wardrobe, states that “Thread Together will be offering corporate organisations the opportunity of sponsoring the wardrobes, meaning they will be a part of delivering clothes to our most marginalised people – victims of domestic violence, the homeless, refugees, the Ingenious, the sick, and many more”.

MTC Australia’s Transition to Work Program (TtW) which assists young people aged 15 -21 have recently collaborated with Thread Together to produce the Thread Together Wardrobe initiative. The program provides new clothing and shoes to participants of Transition to work who are seeking employment, and are in need of a little extra assistance. The quality and choice of clothing for clients provides a sense of dignity and professionalism whilst also giving them an indication of the types of clothing that should be worn within particular industries. Clients have access to new and appropriate outfits when they are attending interviews, commencing work experience or trails, or securing employment.

Mr Fisher stated “I am particularly thrilled to be working with MTC as I was once on the receiving end of their important service. They enabled me to return to work after a very dark and difficult time in my own life”.

The Thread Together Wardrobe services are based at MTC Parramatta where assistance is provided in selecting quality clothing and footwear for employment purposes to support each client’s pathway towards their future. The clothing promotes a sense of confidence as if a person looks the part, they will feel the part too.

MTC Australia delivers the Transition to Work program in Parramatta, Auburn, Merrylands and surrounding suburbs.  Young people, aged 15-21, not attending school and without Year 12 or Certificate III or higher may access the program.

Interested young people or parents may contact MTC Australia to confirm eligibility on 1300 232 663.  Employers are also welcome to contact MTC Australia with suitable vacancies for the program.