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Transition To Work Success Story: Ayse

Ayse was referred to MTC’s Transition to Work program by Police Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC) after experiencing issues with her self-esteem and social skills.  

She was originally close-minded and struggled with believing in herself, leading our team to refer her to some in-house sessions to assist with her motivation, interpersonal skills and employability skills. During this time, Ayse worked hard on developing and maintaining relationships, and preparing for finding work. To the delight of our team, she continued to thrive despite dealing with some personal barriers.  

With consistent follow-ups from her Youth Employment Coach and Youth Trainer, Ayse was able to secure a work trial at a hair salon in the city, and has just began her hairdressing apprenticeship!  

Ayse is proud of her accomplishments and is looking forward to the next part of her journey – we can’t wait to see her succeed in her new career.