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5 Skills That Employers Look For

How do you get a job without experience, and experience without having a job?

This age old question can create a lot of hesitation when it comes to applying for work. Not having experience in that particular role doesn’t necessarily … Continued

Tips on How to De-Stress After Studying

Studying has the tendency to literally make you feel like your brain has run a marathon, and sometimes leaves you feeling not only mentally but physically exhausted. We have all been victims to the stress that study can create at … Continued

What to Wear to an Interview

It’s hard enough to know what you’re wearing tomorrow let alone to your family dinner on Thursday, best friend’s birthday party on Friday, or which PJ’s are going to go best with your popcorn for your date with Netflix on … Continued

How to be a Positive Mentor

Whether you’re a first time mentor or an experienced pro there are always new ways to improve mentoring skills and techniques to get the most out of the experience for both yourself and your mentee.

Each and every mentoring experience … Continued

Top 10 Organisational Tips for Study

Sometimes you really want to be organised for study, but life just won’t allow it. It’s hard to get yourself organised when you can’t find your laptop charger, you haven’t seen a pen since the first day of school, every … Continued

How to Build Confidence and Social Skills

Hanging out with your friends and family can be pretty easy, you know them well and in return they know you and what you’re like in social settings. Talking to people over text or Facebook can also be pretty easy … Continued