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Benefits of volunteering

The Benefits of Volunteering

We talk to a volunteer in the Youth Frontiers program about the benefits of volunteering, her mentoring experiences, and why being part of the community is so important.

Last year, Louise Marshall was flicking through the paper when she came … Continued

Small business marketing - MTC Australia blog

The #1 Marketing Mistake Small Businesses Make

The long-term success of any business depends on a good brand strategy. We talk to a small business educator with a wealth of experience about the importance of small business marketing, branding and investment.

Avoid investing in your small business’s … Continued

Skills that employers look for

5 Skills That Employers Look For

How do you get a job with no experience, and build up experience without a job? It’s a problem faced by many first-time job seekers.

However, not having experience in a particular role doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lacking the skills … Continued

De-stress after studying

How to De-Stress After Studying

An intense study session has the tendency to make you feel like your brain has literally run a marathon, and can leave you not only mentally but physically exhausted. Knowing how to de-stress after studying is crucial to your long-term Continued

what to wear to an interview

What to Wear to an Interview

It’s hard enough to know what you’re wearing tomorrow, let alone to your family dinner on Thursday or best friend’s birthday on Friday… Let alone what to wear to an interview!

What you wear to an interview will make an … Continued