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Meet our people: Roy Tan

Let’s go behind the scenes at MTC and meet one of our staff members, Roy Tan, one of our Recruitment Coaches.

Meet our people: Huang Cai

Let’s go behind the scenes at MTC and meet one of our staff members, Huang Cai, our Work Life, and Success Manager.

How to fit exercise into a busy workday

Finding the time to fit exercise into an already packed schedule can be a challenge. Here are some ways to fit exercise into your day without needing to sacrifice the things you love.

Success Story: A second chance

Lai came to MTC when she was 62 years old. She was struggling to find a job as she has difficulties hearing and had some issues with her back. She is now happily employed full time for over two years.

Top transferable job skills

If you're looking for a career change, you'll want to spend some time thinking about what transferable skills you have. Transferable skills are any skills you have that employers in many different industries look for when they are looking for new staff.

Success Story: The jobactive journey

Being a victim of many different things, Danniel's story could have played out in a typical fashion, but he is now employed and studying pharmacy at univers

How to make a to-do list

A good to-do list will help you stay organised without overwhelming you. Here are our tips on how to make a to-do list that will work for you.

Success Story: Gaining confidence

When Peter entered our jobactive program he was lacking confidence but was very motivated to work. He is now working full time and loves his job.