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Category: Humans of MTC


MTC first met Thi as a long term unemployed client that couldn’t communicate due to not understanding any English. Luckily, one of the staff members at MTC spoke Vietnamese and could communicate with Thi and discovered that she wished to … Continued


Jinmei had previously been a nurse at a mental health hospital in China for over 20 years before coming to Australia during 2016. Jinmei felt her English was the major factor letting her down in job seeking so she enrolled within a collaborative program between MTC, SkillME, BCA National, and CASS (Chinese Australian Services Society) CARE.


David came to MTC following a series of life changes, which included being unemployed for a period of two years. David was an ex-jockey who had a passion for keeping fit, therefore his trainer acknowledged he would be more suited to physical type work that would bring more career enjoyment. David also had previous experience and a license in forklift driving.


Lindsay had been out of the work force for more than three years as he stayed at home to support and look after his son who has a mental disability, whilst his wife went to work. Lindsay is close to … Continued


Marc came to MTC Australia suffering severe anxiety in spite of his encyclopaedia-type brain. Marc was unsure about what he wanted to do with his life, and couldn’t find any career paths that suited him, so he was enrolled within … Continued