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Exploring Being My Own Boss Workshops

Are you interested in starting your own business? The Exploring Being My Own Boss (EBMOB) 10-day workshop is a way to better understand what entrepreneurship and self-employment means. The workshop will give you the practical information you need to start your own business, as well as opportunities to discuss your ideas with other people.

What you will learn

  • Have the right mindset and think like an entrepreneur
  • Idea validation and requirements for starting a business
  • How to gain customers and sell your items
  • Understand business finance

Upcoming Events

MTC Australia will be running EBMOB workshops at various locations on an ongoing basis. Register your interest below or call us on 1300 232 663 for more information about upcoming workshops.

You will also learn how to access further small business training, mentoring, and income support through the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) – at no cost to you.

Exploring Being My Own Boss Workshop Testimonials

I am interested in starting a construction firm which offers services such as design, cost and quantity estimates, project management and execution. I want my business to be one of the construction giants, tendering for government projects and high rises – rather than me working for somebody else! Exploring Being My Own Boss is a very useful workshop for new starters, the topics covered each day were very informative, and our trainer explained very effectively. The most useful information was about company name searching, registration procedures, logo and branding, and marketing strategies.”

– Sehrish M.

“I want to open a restaurant specialising in Greek cuisine, in an area where there are no Greek restaurants. It would be unique! I love cooking, I’m always cooking for everyone and they love my food. I want everyone to taste my food and experience something different. I want to be my own boss and be successful in life. I loved the workshop, our trainer was brilliant. She taught us a lot, gave us a lot of information – she was awesome.”

– Gabriella R.

“I want to start a business that offers web design, game development and customer services. I’d like to be my own boss so I can be independent – and have unlimited breaks or holidays at any time! The Exploring Being My Own Boss workshop was lots of fun, and I gained new knowledge. The most useful information I learned was about the ATO, how to apply for a tax file number, business registration, logo design, risk management, and how to identify clients’ needs.”

– Sam C.

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