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Career Transition Assistance

It’s never too late to transition into your dream job. If you’re over 45, and you’ve been looking to make a career change, we can help you make that happen. 

What is Career Transition Assistance?

Launched in August 2019, Career Transition Assistance (CTA) is an Australian Government-funded program designed to support people aged 45 and over on their path to employment. CTA aims to prepare participants for a new career by boosting their confidence and providing tailored assistance, such as aligning job applications to their transferable skills and experience.

Who is eligible for Career Transition Assistance?

To enrol in the Career Transition Assistance program, you must be:

  • Aged 45 years or over
  • Registered with a jobactive provider

Not currently registered with jobactive? Make sure you talk with a jobactive provider, and register with the program as a volunteer job seeker. 

If you access the program through us, we can then refer you to CTA, so you can enrol in the scheme.

How are we different as a CTA Provider?

Our CTA program is tailored to your needs with a focus on individual employment goals, learning the latest digital technology and building your confidence in selling yourself to potential employers.

We offer a collaborative, adult learning environment where you can learn with other like-minded individuals and up-skill yourself with new industry trends. We will work with you to help you fine-tune your job search techniques and link you with local employers so you can put your best foot forward.

With our CTA you have one-on-one support with your own professional facilitator, every step of the way. They have extensive experience in career development and will cover a range of topics and modules to help expand your horizons and open-up new and exciting possibilities for the future.

It’s simple. We understand your needs and are here to help in a way that matters to you. Having supported over 3,500 people aged 45+ into employment, we have the passion and experience to get you where you want to be.


Delivered from nine locations covering South West Sydney and Sydney East Metro, our CTA program offers exceptional career facilitators, one-on-one mentoring and assistance, employer and industry expertise, increased IT skills and a fun, welcoming, adult learning environment to participate.

How our CTA program works

Getting you started

Let’s get started! We’ll establish your current skills profile using our fancy online assessment tool, that will identify your skills, interests and future goals to provide an individualised report and plan, so we can start the journey together.

Your confidence toolkit

No one knows you, like you. We’re going to help you shine. We’ll give you the skills and confidence to promote your best strengths, nail the interview process and help land the job you want.

Your job market

We’ll help you explore your local job market to discover what’s out there and how you can tap into new and exciting industries that you may not have considered before. We’ll also assist with job searching techniques – where the best jobs are being advertised…and how to find the ones that aren’t!

Your career connection

Job hunting can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. It can be tedious and tiring. We’re going to simplify the process and give you the right tools for an online presence, support you in self-promotion and provide quality networking opportunities.

Coach in your corner

Everyone needs a friend in their corner and that’s exactly what you’ll get from us! Someone to encourage, mentor, support and guide you, with one-on-one and self-paced learning followed by post program meet-ups. We’re with you every step of the way.

Your career portfolio

Imagine having your own portfolio and plan that clearly shows your strengths, experience, aspirations and career path. A self-marketing kit that will help you land the job you want.

Your digital passport

Want to be a digital ninja? We’ll help to get you there. With so much online today, we’ll work with you to improve your confidence and digital prowess, including social media, office software and everyday IT for job applications and online forms. You’ll be operating like a pro in no time!

Your personal brand

Create your own personal brand through revamping your resume and cover letters, online profiles and job applications, gain interview tips and skills all while working through your goals and motivations.

Information for digital participants

If you’re experiencing any issues accessing the Online Employment Services (OES) portal, you can contact the Department’s Digital Services Contact Centre on 1800 314 667.

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Career Transition Journey
Career Transition Journey

Looking for an MTC Australia Location?

Due to COVID 19, all of our programs are currently being delivered online or remotely and visits to our sites is only under exceptional circumstances. If you want to attend a site or speak to one of our staff, please call Customer Care on 1300 232 663.