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Student Fees and Tuition

Under Smart and Skilled fees are determined on eligibility criteria (see Eligibility Criteria).  You can get an estimate of the fee for your preferred course in the course finder: https://smartandskilled.nsw.gov.au/sands/find-a-course.

In 2015, the big change is that you will be given the fee for the full qualification, not a fee each semester. You will be able to pay this in instalments. The NSW Government has fixed course fees for all eligible students enrolled in Smart and Skilled. Your course fee will also vary according to your individual circumstances.

Please see our ET SOP 019 Collecting and Protecting Fees procedure for details of all applicable fees and charges.

Fee Categories

There are six fee categories for students under Smart and Skilled program:

  • Standard Student – First Qualification
  • Standard Student – Subsequent Qualification
  • Apprenticeship (for qualifications offered as part of an apprenticeship pathway)
  • Traineeship (for qualifications offered as part of a traineeship pathway)
  • Concession
  • Exemption

The Student Fees show detailed fees for each course, but generally:

  • The ‘First Qualification fee’ will apply if you have no previous post-school qualification.
  • ‘Subsequent Qualification fee’ will apply if you already have a post-school qualification from any tertiary sector.
  • The fee for qualification undertaken as part of an Apprenticeship/Traineeship under the Smart and Skilled Entitlement Apprenticeships and Traineeships program is capped. There is only one fee category for apprentices/trainees. They will be eligible for the apprenticeship/traineeship fee regardless of the number or level of previous post-school qualifications they hold.
  • Concession fees are a flat-fee for the qualification level for disadvantaged students. A student who is receiving a specified benefit or allowance at the time of enrolment is eligible for concession. There are no concessions for students enrolling in Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas.
  • Fee exemptions apply to students who qualify as:
i.  Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
ii. People with a disability (that is people who meet the disability fee exemption criteria,  including the dependent child, spouse or partner of a recipient of a Disability Support Pension).
iii. Fee-free scholarships: A social housing resident or person on the NSW Housing Register (waiting list).
iv. Refugees and asylum seekers (that is people who meet the refugee and asylum seeker eligibility and exemption criteria)

Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and students that meet the Smart and Skilled disability fee eligibility requirements (“students with a disability”) and students who meet the refugee or asylum seeker eligibility and exemption criteria (“students who are refugee or asylum seeker”) will be exempt from fees for any Smart and Skilled enrollments for which they are eligible.

Proof of Eligibility for Fee Status

Students must provide evidence to support their eligibility for a Smart and Skilled fee. Please contact MTC Australia on 1300 232 663 for further information.

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