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Services For Centrelink Job Seekers

Work is a big part of who we are, and how we find meaning in our lives. If you’re recently unemployed, at risk of losing your job, or are having trouble finding a new role, you may be eligible for support services and payments through Centrelink. 

If you’re eligible, and choose to become a Centrelink job seeker, you’ll be able to access a range of employment and training programs that will help you with your job-search. These programs are government-funded, which means you’ll be able to access them for free. 

So let’s take a look at what it means to be a job seeker, as well as the support and services that are available to help you take the next step in work and life.


What is a Centrelink job seeker?

Job seekers are Australian citizens, residents or eligible visa holders who are eligible for support services and payments through Centrelink. These services and payments are provided to assist and enable the job seeker to find a job.


Am I eligible to become a job seeker?

You are eligible to become a job seeker if you qualify to receive an income support payment through Centrelink. These support payments include Newstart Allowance, Youth Allowance and Parenting Payment. You can find out more about eligibility for support payments through the Department of Human Services website


What if I was made redundant from my previous role?

As long as you meet the criteria under the income and assets test, are prepared to meet mutual obligation requirements and plan to look for paid work, you will still be eligible to apply for support payments and services.

However, in other circumstances, such as if you were laid off from your previous role for misconduct, you may be ineligible to apply.


What government-funded employment services can job seekers access?

Job seekers have access to a range of government-funded employment services and programs. Eligibility to enrol in these programs and services depends upon your individual circumstances and needs. Available programs include:


  • Jobactive: Learn the skills and build the confidence you need to find and keep a job with jobactive Australia. 
  • Transition to Work: Young job seekers and early school leavers can build the skills they need to transition from school into the workforce.
  • Disability Employment Services: Job seekers who live with a physical, psychological or mental disability or injury can connect with employers and access on-the-job support at work.


How do job seekers access programs like jobactive?

When you become a job seeker, Centrelink will ask you to choose a provider through which to access the program or service most relevant to your needs. Centrelink may also refer you to a reputable provider in your local area, such as MTC Australia!

How do providers like MTC help me with my job-search?

Program providers offer job seekers access to their resources and ongoing support to find a job they love. At MTC Australia we provide these services to assist job seekers with their job-search:

  • Training Courses: Job seekers are eligible to access subsidised employability and computer skills courses through their enrolment in one of our program offerings. 
  • Coaching: We help you identify goals, develop a career plan and to build your skills. 
  • Work Experience: Need professional experience? Through us you can access apprenticeships, traineeships, volunteer work and other development opportunities.
  • Overcome Barriers: You’ll work through any challenges that might be preventing you from succeeding in your job-search. We can help you access counselling and other support services where needed. 
  • Employer Partners: We have an extensive network of employer partners, who want to hire talented staff like you! 
  • Interview Skills: You’ll develop soft skills for interviews, including answering tough questions and self presentation. 
  • Resume Writing: It’s what’s on the paper that gets you in the door for an interview, and we’ll get your resume up to parr. 


Where are we located?

MTC Australia has branches across Sydney, from Parramatta in the city’s West to Maroubra in the Eastern Suburbs. Each branch specialises in particular programs, which means you get specialised support with your job-search. 


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