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Apply Now – New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS)

NEIS Business Feasibility Study

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Summary of Business Idea

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Business Structure

SWOT Analysis

SWOT | Keeping your proposed business at the front of your mind now answer the following questions. 

Identify and list the potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and/or threats to the success of your business proposal. What are the areas where you will need assistance e.g. sales, marketing, financials, purchasing, pricing etc? What opportunities does the NEIS program present? What are the threats you may face?


  • It is mandatory for all NEIS participants to have current insurance, from the commencement of their NEIS business with the Department of Jobs and Small Business (i.e. after the Training Program and when business plan approvals have been completed)

  • The minimum the Department of Jobs and Small Business requirement is to have current public liability insurance (plus any other insurance that is relevant for that business)


Business Name

Business Communications

Do you own or have access to the tools and/or technology that are required to operate your business? For Example:
  • Laptop/Desktop computer and necessary software
  • Printer and Scanner
  • Power Tools
  • Car

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Market Research


Financial Position








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Client Declaration

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Requirements Checklist

All of the above required documents must be either uploaded directly in this application or afterwards against the specific client program record.

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