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Starting your own business?

MTC Australia can help you create a successful business through the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme and the Exploring Being Your Own Boss workshop.

NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme)

The New Enterprise Incentive Scheme is a government-funded program designed to help new entrepreneurs start their own business.

Through NEIS, you are able to access 12-month expert mentoring where you will:

  • Refine your marketing plan and receive ongoing support on how to increase your sales
  • Work with your mentor on ideas to reach your target market
  • Receive day-to-day business advice on how to structure and develop your business
  • Plan for the future and manage your time

2019 NEIS Training Dates

South West Sydney


Enrollment Date: 09 September

Start Date: 14 October

Completion Date: 4 December


Start Date: 30 October

Completion Date: 13 December


Enrollment Date: 9 September

Start Date: 16 September

Completion Date: 6 November

Sydney East Metro


Enrollment Date: 18 September

Start Date: 25 September

Completion Date: 11 November


Enrollment Date: 20 August

Start Date: 26 August

Completion Date: 16 October

Enrollment Date: 23 October

Start Date: 28 October

Completion Date: 11 December


Enrollment Date: 26 September

Start Date: 2 October

Completion Date: 22 November


Enrollment Date: 13 October

Start Date: 20 October

Completion Date: 13 December

Exploring Being My Own Boss

This 10-day workshop will help you better understand what entrepreneurship and self-employment means. The workshop will give you the practical information you need to start your own business and also works as a predecessor to the NEIS program. Our workshop will help you:

  • Have the right mindset and think like an entrepreneur
  • Idea validation and requirements for starting a business
  • How to gain customers and sell your items
  • Understand business finance

Start Date: 30 September

Completion Date: 11 October


Start Date: 11 November

Completion Date: 22 November

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