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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that this is a confusing and difficult time for many of us and we are here to help. We have pulled together the below FAQs to help you stay safe and meet obligations for your payments.

If your question isn’t answered below, please call our Customer Care team on 1300 232 663.


Can I come into sites to do job stuff?

Yes, speak to your MTC Coach as you will need to advise and opt in.


I don’t have an internet connection, I only have my phone and it’s hard to do everything on the phone, what can I do?

You are welcome to use our computers on-site. We practice social distancing, conduct temperature checks, utilise hand sanitiser and all our sites have Covid-19 safe plans in place .

What is the difference between Centrelink and an employment services provider, aren’t you the same thing?

Centrelink (which is an organisation under Services Australia) delivers social security payments and other services to Australians. They manage your income support payments. When you are deemed eligible to receive income support payments from Centrelink you are referred to an employment services provider, like us at MTC. We help you prepare and look for work under the jobactive program. We also provide access to training as well as computers and phones to support you in finding employment.

What are mutual obligations?

Mutual obligation requirements are the things job seekers may have to do as a condition for receiving an income support payment.

These requirements include entering into a job plan with an employment services provider or Centrelink, undertaking job searching and attending provider appointments. Mutual obligations returned on 28 September 2020.

Services Australia provides further information about mutual obligations in multiple languages. Find out more here.

What is the purpose of attending appointments with my provider?

With the return of mutual obligations on 28 September 2020, to continue receiving income support you will need to attend your appointments. Attending appointments is an opportunity to touch base with your MTC Specialist and review your job plan, and any change of circumstances you may have. You will receive assistance with job searching and be referred to any suitable vacancies. Other assistance includes requests for financial assistance through our employment fund to purchase items required for work or interviews.

Do I have to come onsite for appointments?

If you would like to come onsite for face to face servicing, you will need to opt in through written consent. Your MTC Specialist will explain what you need to do and options on how we can best service you. All our sites have Covid-19 Safe Plans in place. If you are required to self-isolate, please do not come onsite.

What requirements do I have to fulfill whilst I am joined up with an employment services provider?

All your requirements and activities will be outlined in your job plan. Your MTC Specialist will explain in detail with you what is involved and you will have input into this process. Requirements are tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. The job plan must be agreed to by both yourself and us as your provider.

What is reporting, what do I have to report and who do I report to?

To continue to receive income support payments from Centrelink, you need to demonstrate that you are actively searching and applying for jobs on a monthly basis. You need to submit your job searching reporting to Centrelink via the myGov system. You will have a due date for this, which is specified in your Job Plan. This is based on a monthly reporting cycle and you will need to submit prior to the due date each month, to avoid an automatic suspension to your payment.

Check out this how-to-guide on the Government’s jobactive website for further assistance on how to submit your job search reporting on myGov (see section ‘job search effort’).

Can you assist with certificates or transport tickets if required for employment?

Every employment services provider has an employment fund which enables us to provide financial assistance for needs linked to employment. This may include certain certificates and transport tickets. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and your consultant will guide you through this process.

What do I do if I am unable to attend an appointment or activity?

You will need to provide reasonable prior notice to your consultant if you cannot attend your appointment.

Why do I have to be here if I am working part-time?

It depends if Centrelink has deemed you part-time or full-time activity tested. If you have been deemed as full-time and are only working part-time, then you be required to participate in jobactive services until you are at the required capacity.

I am now in Work for the Dole (WFD), what are my requirements?

Your consultant will explain to you in detail about the WFD phase. Essentially, the WFD phase is required for 6 months of every 12 months you are on income support. There are a range of activities you can participate in to meet your requirements which include part-time work, attending our SEE program or our CTA program, participating in accredited training, or doing voluntary work. You may also choose to be referred to our Allied Health service (counselling) if needed.

Your number of hours per week of activity depends on your individual circumstances, but generally it is 15-25 hours per week in the WFD phase.

Where can I get further help with navigating myGov?

There are some helpful videos on the Government’s jobactive website here. You can also ask your consultant for assistance during your appointments.

What does compliance mean?

If you do not participate in the requirements of your job plan and do not fulfil your mutual obligation requirements, this may result in demerit points being incurred which means your income support payments may stop, known as a ‘payment suspension’. To better understand how the Compliance Framework works, we recommend you read this.

Looking for an MTC Australia Location?

Due to COVID 19, all of our programs are currently being delivered online or remotely and visits to our sites is only under exceptional circumstances. If you want to attend a site or speak to one of our staff, please call Customer Care on 1300 232 663.