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Mental Health First Aid Certification

Mental Health First Aid Australia, a national not-for-profit organisation focused on mental health training and research, launched the Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplaces Initiative to recognise and reward workplaces doing wonderful work in increasing mental health literacy by rolling out training for employees.

MTC Australia became a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Skilled Workplace in 2015, first gaining a Silver recognition in the medium workplace size category. In December 2017 we advanced to Gold status, meaning that 20% of our employees have completed MHFA training. We’re proud to have retained the Gold status as a skilled workplace for 2019 as well and look forward to making a difference through our continued dedication and customer-focus.

What is Mental Health First Aid?

MHFA is the help provided to a person who is developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. The first aid is given until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves.

MHFA courses cover:

  • How to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health problems.
  • Possible causes or risk factors for mental health problems.
  • Medical, psychological and alternative treatments available.
  • How to give appropriate initial help and support someone experiencing a mental health problem.
  • How to take appropriate action if a crisis situation arises.

Why is MHFA important to MTC?

At MTC, we embrace diversity of backgrounds, situations and mindsets. We listen to our customers’ stories, respect their views and don’t pass judgement. We also recognise each customer as an individual. It is our aim to give every customer the support they need to grow within themselves and as members of the community.

That’s why a Mental Health First Aid certification is so important to us. The training fosters compassion and a deeper understanding of the mental health challenges that our customers – or colleagues – may face. Undergoing training gives our employees the confidence to approach someone who may be suffering a mental health problem, and provide them with the support they need to seek appropriate help.

Becoming a MHFA Skilled Workplace:

  • Enables our case managers, youth advisors and trainers to be aware of possible mental health challenges faced by clients, and to provide the best possible service to clients.
  • Enables our employees to look after each other.


“Overall, the training provided resources within the community I could direct clients to. It also gave insights on some of the symptoms clients may demonstrate and how to engage with them, which is helpful for the work we do. It allowed me to feel more comfortable and confident when engaging with clients overall, because most times clients do not disclose these issues. The training allowed me to question their behaviours, ascertain their difficulties and then link them to appropriate support. This helps develop rapport with the client and personally, I think that’s where changes occur.”

– Terry Huynh, Counsellor Employment Services, MTC Australia

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