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10652NAT – Certificate IV in Early Language and Literacy

The 10652NAT – Certificate IV in Early Language and Literacy (EL&L) course empowers adults with clear, multisensory techniques and resources that can be incorporated into learning routines and home contexts for use with young children (0-8) and older individuals requiring assistance with early language and literacy. It is based on current evidence and best practice drawn from the fields of speech and language pathology; pre-literacy and language development; linguistics and education.

EL&L strategies and resources lay the foundations for learning to read via: oral language proficiency; phonemic awareness; print awareness; vocabulary development; early listening and reading comprehension.

EL&L aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework, Australian Early Development Census domains, National Literacy Learning Progression and the National Quality Standards.

Who is it For?

The course is appropriate for educators, teaching support staff, allied professionals, parents and community members.

There are no entry requirements for this qualification although learners must have access to real people needing support with early language and literacy.

EL&L is currently offered by ALNF within targeted communities and to staff of early childhood learning sites in Victoria through the Victorian Government’s School Readiness Funding program. ALNF’s goal is to see all children able to achieve literacy success at school, regardless of their socioeconomic or other factors.

A self-paced option via online learning is currently in development and will be available to broader audiences in the coming months.

How it Works

The 10652NAT – Certificate IV in Early Language and Literacy is delivered by the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation as a third party provider to MTC Australia.

It comprises 6 core units which are completed as one cluster of learning across the whole course through:

  • an initial 4 days of coursework, usually offered in 2, two-day blocks of training
  • the completion of the EL&L Practice Logbook, supported by on-site mentoring.

Core Units

ELLPAP001Develop phonemic awareness practice for young children
ELLPPP001 Model processes for developing pre-phonics practices
ELLPWP001Model processes for developing pre-writing practices
ELLPRP001Model processes for developing pre-reading practices
ELLTLL001Develop teaching practices for early language and literacy development
ELLLLP001Plan for early language and literacy practice

Course dates and next steps

If you are interested in enrolling, wish to express interest or wish to find out more, call ALNF at 02 9362 3388 or register your interest below and we will be in touch.

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