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Quality Policy


The purpose of this policy is to state the commitment by MTC Australia (MTCAL) to provide the best achievable quality services, in order to consistently meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


This policy applies to all MTC Australia Board members, staff and its committees.


MTC Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that is focussed on providing quality services to all our stakeholders via endeavouring to meet all our customer requirements. We are an active community-based organisation and strive to meet our vision: To shape a society where everyone has the means and motivation to create a life of their choosing. With the successful delivery of our programs, we will create an annual surplus that is redistributed to the Community through the development and delivery of community-based initiatives and provide a satisfying and rewarding workplace for our employees.

MTC Australia comprises centralised Head Office services, in addition to respective divisions, including: Youth & Community, Employment Services and Education and Training. The design, development and delivery of curriculum for classroom delivery of accredited and non-accredited training are also included under the RTO (Registered Training Organisation) operating as part of Education and Training.

The key principles in underpinning our policy are:

  • Individual staff acceptance of personal accountability and responsibility for consistently delivery agreed upon services
  • Making every effort to follow all agreed customer requirements, MTCAL documented processes and statutory and regulatory requirements related to the services being offered
  • Continual monitoring and reporting of all agreed service quality and performance indicators
  • Recognition of all staff members who demonstrate excellence in service delivery.

We maintain and continuously improve a quality management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015

Our Quality Objectives are to:

  • Consistently and efficiently deliver services to our customers that meet their needs and comply with all applicable MTCAL, statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Resolve customer and employee queries promptly and in a friendly manner
  • Give our customers confidence in our services and the ability to meet their needs.

To achieve these objectives, we shall commit to:

  • Ensuring high levels of management and staff involvement in all of MTCAL’s operational activity
  • Continuously engage all stakeholders in meaningful consultation and communication
  • Measure our performance and use this information for the continual improvement of our services and the Quality Management System (QMS)

Communication of this Policy

This policy shall be made available to all MTC Australia staff using the Intranet and to all interested parties through publication on MTC Australia’s website.

Approved by Geoff Hill, Chief Financial Officer

Version 1.0. Updated 07/04/2021.

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