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Student Wellbeing Support Program

The Student Wellbeing Support Program enables schools to hire a Student Wellbeing Support Officer 2 days every week to assist in the improvement of student wellbeing.

How could a Student Wellbeing Support Officer help your school?

Activities vary depending on your school’s needs but a Student Wellbeing Support Officer could help with:

  • Mentoring/coaching
  • Planning and delivering student resilience and wellbeing services
  • Providing students with support and referrals at difficult times
  • Organising one-on-one or group sessions with students and staff
  • Attending parent body meetings
  • Facilitating community partnership programs between the school and community

How does the Student Wellbeing Support Program work?

The NSW Department of Education provides $7,000 to engage a Student Wellbeing Support Officer to remain on site at the school 2 days per week. Schools must also contribute $7,000 and source an additional $7,000 from the community.

As your partner in the program, MTC Australia is responsible for hiring, training and managing your Student Wellbeing Support Officer to your school’s specifications.

Student Wellbeing Support Program Testimonial

“Having a Student Wellbeing Support Officer at our school is fantastic. Not only are we able to tailor specific small group programs suited to the needs of our students, but we can also provide individual support to students by addressing low-level wellbeing issues – before these issues escalate. The Student Wellbeing Support Officer has been a great fit with our Wellbeing Team, works closely with the Year Advisors, and adds another layer of support for students across all year groups with varying levels of need.”

– Ben Townsend, Head Teacher Welfare | Elderslie High School

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