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Transition to Work Program

Just left school and aren’t sure how to make the move from school to the workforce? Transition to Work is a government-funded employment and education initiative. The goal is to help early school leavers and young people facing job-search challenges prepare for work and find a job.

Following the guidance of a trusted Transition to Work Youth Employment Coach,  you’ll soon have the skills and confidence to fulfil your potential. So let’s explore the program, and how your journey from school to work is about to get started.

What is Transition to Work?

Transition to Work is a government-funded employment program and youth service, delivered through registered providers, like MTC Australia. You may be referred to Transition to Work by your school, Centrelink if you’re on an income support payment, or currently participating in the jobactive program.

To access Transition to Work, you’ll need to choose a local program and service provider. Their Transition to Work team will explain your obligations, entitlements and the benefits of enrolling in the program through their service.

Are you eligible for the Transition to Work program?

The Transition to Work program is open to young Centrelink job seekers, and early school leavers whose circumstances meet the eligibility criteria. To participate in the program, you must be:

  • Aged 15–24
  • An Australian citizen, or
  • Hold a visa of permanent residency, or
  • Hold a New Zealand Special Category Visa, or
  • Hold a Nominated Visa (Including Temporary Protection Visa, Safe Haven)

Assessment of a young person’s eligibility will also take into account if they have:

  • Completed Year 12 and received the Higher School Certificate
  • Been employed in the previous six months
  • Currently receive an income support payment, such as Youth Allowance
  • Are already enrolled in another employment program, such as jobactive

Young people wishing to enrol in Transition to Work should talk to a program provider to find out if they meet the eligibility criteria.
All employers interested in hiring a young person or school leaver through Transition to Work can get started by contacting a program provider in their area.

How do Transition to Work providers help school leavers and young people?

Once you’ve been enrolled in Transition to Work, a Youth Employment Coach will be assigned to you, and work with you to develop a career or education pathway that meets your needs and interests.

With MTC Australia, Transition to Work is a service that’s all about you. We’re here to guide you on your journey from school to work, setting you up for a positive future in a job you love.

With us, school leavers and young people benefit from:

  • A Personalised Transition: No young person is the same. We’ll help you identify career goals and build the confidence to transition into your chosen career.
  • A Dedicated Coach: You’ll be assigned a Youth Employment Coach, who will offer guidance and mentoring as you work towards your goals.
  • Real-World Experience: As part of the program you’ll be able to get hands-on experience through work placements and workplace excursions.
  • Respect: You’re unique, and we wouldn’t change a thing! With us you’ll always be welcome, safe and included.
  • Ongoing Support: It doesn’t end when you start working. We’ll stay in contact with you for at least six months to make sure you transition to work seamlessly.

We’re a Transition to Work provider that knows you have big dreams, and together we’ll help you work towards achieving them.

How do we help youth transition from school to work?

At MTC, our Transition to Work offering provides you with 25 hours of support per week, which you’ll complete at your own pace. Within that time, early school leavers and young job seekers can access the following services and support:

  • Overcome Personal Challenges: You and your coach will work through any personal challenges you may be facing. You’ll also be able to access services like housing; counselling; Indigenous, refugee and migrant support.
  • Coaching: One-on-one coaching sessions will help you build self-worth, confidence and tackle obstacles.
  • Education and Training: As you transition to work you’ll need to learn new industry-specific skills. We’ll help you access the education and training required to set you up for success in your new career.
  • Work Experience: We place emphasis on real-world experience, and will help you secure work placements within our network to gain on-the-job skills.
  • Suitable Job Opportunities: You’ll have access to our extensive network of employer partners, who want to hire a young job seeker just like you!
  • Ongoing Support: We understand you’re nervous about your transition to work. We’ll stay in touch for six months to offer you any support you need in your role.

Entering the workforce is a journey, and we’re here to help you every step of the way as you transition from school to work. Together we’ll start building a life you want to live.

We connect employers with young employees

Want to recruit for a junior position through Transition to Work? We welcome all employers in Parramatta, Auburn, Merrylands and surrounding suburbs to partner with us, giving young people and early school leavers an entry point to their dream career.

At MTC, our approach is to match you with a candidate that will be an asset to your business and help you meet your targets. Partner with us for an employment service that includes:

  • Candidates for All Job Vacancies: We make referrals for full-time, part-time, volunteer, and work experience roles.
  • Practical Training: Our Transition to Work participants receive practical training, mentoring and work experience to prepare them for employment with you.
  • Support and Counselling: Your candidate will have access to all the support and services they need to overcome personal challenges.
  • Employer Partner Benefits: As an employer partner with a Transition to Work provider you’re eligible to access wage subsidies, services and networks.

Don’t worry, we understand that recruitment is a process, and we won’t leave you once you accept a referral from us. Your dedicated account manager will stay in touch with you for several months to ensure the new employee settles in smoothly.

Learn more about Transition to Work and our youth services

Ready to transition from school to work? Our approach to employment for young people is different from other Transition to Work providers.

The Transition to Work program is provided by MTC Australia at our Parramatta, Auburn and Merrylands offices. Get in touch with your nearest branch and build the future you want today.

Your Next Step from School to Work

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