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A generous donation

In line with the work we’ve done to move SEE to remote delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic —and to provide this option to customers in the future—we are pleased to share that we have recently secured a donation of 100 laptops from G1 Asset Management!

The generous donation will be distributed amongst our SEE students that are willing and capable of participating in the Canvas online learning system, but haven’t been able to due to limited access to the required technology.

Paul Prokic, National Manager of Sales and Marketing for G1, says “We’ve seen first-hand how access to technology can make such a difference to the wellbeing of those in need. G1 Asset Management founded the Tech to Country laptop donation program to help to bridge this gap, and we’re thrilled to be able to assist MTC students – especially given the exceptional challenges of today’s social climate.”

The donation comes after a survey amongst SEE participants that illustrated a large cohort of customers who are computer-savvy and keen to engage in online learning, but don’t have a computer at their residence. SEE Program Manager, Noah Dean, says “This will help job seekers that have a strong desire to develop their computer skills to get into the workforce, but don’t have access to the technology to study in our online stream from home. 

“Access to this tech means that they’re able to brush-up on their LLN skills, and they’re able to do so in a way that necessitates the development of their computer skills. With access to this option, our students will be set up to come out of this COVID-19 pandemic with the language, literacy, numeracy, and computer skills to not only break into the workforce, but excel in it!”

Launching in Liverpool

Today, our SEE team in Liverpool had the pleasure of distributing the laptops to 17 enthusiastic students in need of the technology, and it was smiles all round! Brian Bell, one of our trainers, says “The students have often commented that they are not able to learn computers well because they do not have a computer to use at home. These computers will definitely help students complete their work on Canvas and also because most daily tasks have become digital, having a computer will improve lives dramatically.”

Rob Marshall, our Chief Information Officer who helped secure this donation, was in attendance to hand over the laptops and provide instructions to the students to help get them started, and he reflected on this importance of this donation: “Today, MTC has taken a significant step forward in providing the tools and flexibility for our students to continue engagement with our programs and complete their training effectively. Like many organisations during these challenging times, MTC has implemented new remote and online services, however the unfortunate reality is that many of our customers do not have access to the necessary technology to connect with us. Thanks to the generosity of G1 Asset Management’s Tech to Country program, I am very pleased to announce that 100 laptops have been donated to MTC’s SEE students, which will enable them to interact online with our Trainers and digital learning platforms.”

We look forward to this new initiative increasing accessibility to our SEE program, both during the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.