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Disability Employment Services: Find Accessible Work

When you have a disability, injury or illness, it can be a challenge to find or keep a suitable job. Disability Employment Services (DES) is a government-funded initiative that helps disabled job seekers find and keep a job that they love. The program connects you with employers who understand your individual needs, and who want to provide you with accessible work. 

Ready to find that dream job you’ve been searching for? Let’s get started and see how Disability Employment Services at MTC Australia can help you reach your goals!

What is Disability Employment Services?

Disability Employment Services (DES) is a government-funded initiative. It was created to provide disabled job seekers with choice and empowerment. The idea is to offer people who need occasional assistance, or additional support to help them get the job done. DES matches job seekers with an employer who is able and willing to provide a job for people with disabilities.

Who is eligible for DES?

Job seekers may be referred to DES if they are living with a disability, injury, illness or health condition that warrants additional support at work. Through Centrelink, disabled job seekers will also have attained a Job Capacity Assessment (JCA), referring the job seeker to DES. 

To access Disability Employment Services, jobseekers must:

  • Be an Australian citizen, resident or eligible visa holder
  • Not be studying full-time aside from special exceptions
  • Not be currently employed above their assessed work capacity
  • Be at least 14 years of age
  • Be below the Age Pension qualifying age

What is a DES Provider?

If you’re eligible to enrol in Disability Employment Services, Centrelink will ask you to choose a DES provider, like MTC Australia, to access the initiative. A DES provider is a registered organisation, with a Star Rating based on client satisfaction and the organisation’s performance under the initiative. 

MTC Australia recently become a DES provider in 2018, and our focus is you. We’re here to connect employers with talented workers living with a disability, helping job seekers and businesses to achieve their goals. It can be tough for individuals with disabilities to find a job, but with a provider like us, you’ll have access to all the support you need to get back to work.

How do we help people with disabilities find jobs

We start with you. At MTC Australia, we want to know what your goals are? Who do you want to become? Through CoACT, we’re able to help you answer these big questions and chase your dreams into a meaningful job.

Providing job search support

Your case worker will work with you to identify and understand your:

  • Health concerns
  • Career goals
  • Identify strengths and challenges
  • Identify jobs and opportunities that are right for you

Connecting you with employers

Once we’ve developed a customised job search plan, based on your individual needs and health concerns, we put your plan into action by:

  • Connecting you with medical professionals, employers and training opportunities
  • Providing you with training in resume writing and interview skills development
  • Helping you every step of the way as you land the job you want

Providing ongoing support for disabled job seekers

It doesn’t end when you land the job. We want to make sure you settle in and have everything you need to succeed in your new role. Your case worker will check-in with you regularly to see how you’re going. We can help you get additional support such as:

  • Additional training 
  • Personal assistance
  • Medical assistance
  • Facilitating workplace modifications (such as modifications for wheelchair access)
  • Organising workplace support services (such as assistance  for adults with special needs)
  • Auslan interpreting in the workplace

Through the initiative, we can help your new employers access subsidies and additional funding to provide you with an accessible environment, and the support you need. 

Employment Services Job Seeker Testimonials

MTC has been helping job seekers find meaningful and sustainable employment for 20 years. Here are a few testimonials from our clients:

“I was excited to start my new job – firstly, to be earning decent money again, but also to be venturing into a new career path.” – Kim T.

“I’d like to express gratitude for the hard work put in to maintaining my motivation and confidence to re-enter the workforce. Each interview with my case manager lifted my spirits.” – Lani B.

“Through my years of being in and out of the system, this is my one positive experience, as it resulted in achieving my employment pathway goal as well as personal growth goals.” – Joe M.

Learn more about DES and our Employment Services

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