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Meet the Team at MTC Maroubra!

MTC Maroubra offers the jobactive, SEE, NEIS and NILS programs. We caught up with the team for an insider perspective…

The MTC Maroubra branch is located on busy Anzac Parade at Maroubra Junction. Here, we offer a range of job help and training programs to local clientele. The staff are community-focused and passionate about helping people reach their potential. Here’s what they had to say…


Job searching help at MTC Maroubra


At MTC Maroubra we offer jobactive, for customers who need help finding work, as well as the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS), for those who’d rather learn how to open and run their own business.

MTC Maroubra


Susan C • jobactive Manager

“The atmosphere at Maroubra is friendly and open; every day it’s full of customers coming in to look for work. It’s very welcoming, we help as much as we can. I often get feedback that we’re amazing!”

Suzan E • Administration/reception

“The best part about my job is meeting new people, assisting customers, and sharing in the joy whenever they find work, especially those who are long-term unemployed.”

Mitra • jobactive Case Manager

“I enjoy helping people who want to work, or putting people who aren’t job ready into another activity, like counselling, so they can become job ready. I’m here because MTC is not-for-profit, I’m contributing to the community, helping people who need to work.”

Tanvina • jobactive Case Manager

“I had one customer that I wasn’t sure would ever get a job. He was unemployed for 2 years and had a criminal record. I worked with him for a month and he got a job! I do this because I get to help unemployed people. I want people to have meaningful work – that was my reason for entering this industry in the first place.”

Sally • jobactive Senior Case Manager

“Sometimes customers are placed into work, they’re happy and doing well, and then they are promoted to a senior or manager position. They usually call me to help if they need to hire someone. It’s a great thing, building trust with them is so important. I like what I do, I have a lot of compassion and I like to help people.

I enjoy seeing a difference in customers. I assist them, empower them, and to see them become independent and self-sufficient, to see them grow… Many have come back and thanked me. To me it’s important to see that I’m making a difference, and I believe I am.”


Learn English at MTC Maroubra


At MTC Maroubra, job seekers who need help with their English language and computer skills can enrol in Skills for Education and Employment (SEE). It’s a fantastic program that allows students up to 650 hours of free training, with course content tailored to each individual’s needs.

MTC Maroubra


Radwan • SEE Manager

“The best part of my job is when I receive positive feedback from customers, it makes me very happy. The facilities at Maroubra are really nice, and the staff are friendly.”

George • SEE English Trainer

“The most pleasing thing I’ve done recently was to organise my students into an outside study group. I text them worksheets, give them homework, they learn and practise together. When they have problems they text me. We have some students who are very cluey with social media.

My students come from multicultural backgrounds. I find that, through teaching and working with them, they find themselves and I find myself!”

Jacinta • SEE Assessor

“I assess students for English and computer skills classes. I enjoy meeting really interesting people from all walks of life and finding out their stories.”

Hana • SEE Computer Trainer

“I teach computer classes, and I love how I can make the content exciting. I like the MTC culture, the openness, the inclusive aspect and the community focus.”


MTC Maroubra


Get in touch with MTC Maroubra


MTC Maroubra also offers the No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) for customers on lower incomes to purchase household goods and services.

MTC Maroubra is located at Level 1, 806–812 Anzac Parade, Maroubra NSW 2035. To get in touch with the team, phone 9344 1700 or email [email protected].