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Education and Training Programs for Work

Want to kickstart your career, but keep getting told you don’t have the skills or experience? We know that with some guidance, you’ll have everything you need to find and keep your dream job.

MTC Australia is a not-for-profit employment services and education provider. We deliver government-funded training programs and courses to Centrelink job seekers and other eligible candidates. Whether you want to improve your English speaking, develop industry-specific skills in your chosen vocation, or need a professional certification, we have a training program for you.

Who Do Our Training Courses Help?

The aim of our education and training programs is to provide you with a range of courses that will develop your employability skills. Because our courses are government-funded, you’ll benefit from a subsidised and flexible learning pathway, fast tracking you to employment.

MTC Australia currently provides these government-funded training programs and courses:

  • Skills for Education and Employment (SEE/Learn English): The SEE program improves your English speaking, listening, reading and writing; computer skills; and job searching skills.
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) Courses: These are industry-specific courses which provide you with a certification to work in your chosen vocation. If you’re interested in working in business administration, childcare, small business management or cleaning roles, you can study a VET course with MTC through the NSW Government Smart and Skilled initiative.
  • Traineeships: These workplace training programs allow you to work, learn and earn an income at the same time. They provide you with valuable experience that looks great on a resume and can kickstart your career.

MTC is a Registered Training Organisation that offers these programs as subsidised learning pathways within the NSW Government Smart and Skilled initiative.

Learn the Skills You Need to Get a Job

Our education and training programs help job seekers develop key employability and communication skills. This means that you don’t just learn about the job. You learn about organisation, communication and computer skills in your chosen vocation. When you graduate from your course you’ll be equipped with the competitive edge or experience to find and keep a job you want.

The trainers and assessors at MTC Australia prepare you for work in the following ways:

  • Flexible Learning Pathways: Our courses are available in a variety of locations across Sydney. You can study at a location and time that suits your needs.
  • Hands-on Experience: Experience counts in the Sydney job market and we know how to help you get it. Whether you’re studying a VET course with us, or taking up a Traineeship, you won’t just learn from a textbook. Our courses take you out of the classroom so you can gain valuable practical experience in your vocation.
  • Respect: MTC embraces diversity and we welcome eligible candidates from all backgrounds who wish to learn and grow with us.
  • Confidence: As you learn about working and communicating in your industry, you’ll gain the confidence to succeed in your future role.
  • Qualified Trainers: Our trainers and assessors are supportive, experienced and passionate about helping you reach your full potential.

What we’re offering you is a chance to learn the skills and knowledge that will give you a better chance of getting the job you want.

Career assistance for over 45s

MTC has recently launched Career Transition Assistance (CTA) to help job seekers aged 45+ on their path to employment.  CTA will help you to up-skill, learn about new industries and link you with local employers, all while participating in a collaborative, adult learning environment. For more information on CTA, click here.

Are You Eligible for SEE or Smart and Skilled?

To be eligible to enrol in SEE you’ll need to be a Centrelink job seeker aged 15–64. If you’re interested in studying a VET course under the Smart and Skilled subsidised training initiative, find out more about the eligibility criteria here.

Find Out More About the SEE Program, NEIS and VET Courses

Interested in learning English with SEE, opening your own business with NEIS or studying a VET course? We’d love to hear from you!

Simply browse our locations to find an MTC branch offering your preferred program, or enquire today to find out more.

Our MTC Australia Quality Policy is also available if you’d like to know more about our commitment to meeting your learning needs.

Looking for an MTC Australia Location?

Due to COVID 19, all of our programs are currently being delivered online or remotely and visits to our sites is only under exceptional circumstances. If you want to attend a site or speak to one of our staff, please call Customer Care on 1300 232 663.